May 11, 2024


    Enhancements and bug fixes for various features in the Student and Admin center


  • Admin Center
    • Bug fixes
      • Adding classes to student schedules – fixed a bug where the list of classes displays after adding classes by a whole department.
      • Competency Report: Item Details export fixed to included missing data and fix to Excel naming. Additionally fixed a bug which prevented “Date Completed” values from displaying for offline tasks.
      • Total time spent in class report – fixed grid filters for time data to be in minutes.
      • In Final exam reports (under Group Reports and Individual Student Report) fix the link to question images to use the correct url for U/LINC test questions.
      • Program Reviews – fixed a bug to prevent students who were removed and then re-added back to a program review were duplicated.
    • Enhancements
      • Removed the “min.” text from Excel export so the value is just a number.
      • New group report for double logins (previously only available per student).
      • Added “Program Reviews” as a part of the “Features Utilization” dashboard.
  • Student Center
    • Fixed a bug when submitting class surveys to default “blank” answers to “N/A”