September 28, 2023


    The Average Test Score Report, located in Group Reports, under the Class Testing & Assessment report section of the admin center has been updated to only use the last 3 years of test data.


  • Admin Center
  • The Average Test Score Report previously used 20+ years of data to calculate the results for the report. This process would time out and produce an error before the report could be displayed.  The report has been modified to only use the last 3 years to alleviate the time out issues. 
  • The shorter time frame makes the “TU Pretest Avg.” and “TU Final Exam Avg.” columns on the report noticeably lower.  
  • The Average Test Score Report is the only report currently adjusted to calculate results using the previous 3 years.  
  • We are working to update all the locations where these averages appear.
  • Until additional updates take place the results displayed for "TU Pretest Avg" and "TU Final Exam Avg" on the Average Test Score Report may differ from other locations in the Admin Center