October 15, 2023


    Enhancements and bug fixes for Program Review features in the Student and Admin center


  • Admin Center
  1. Student Template Edit Page
    • Modified pop up of Program Review titles to show details of the Program Review instead of assigned students.
    • Updated UI elements to remove image buttons and replace them with HTML buttons to be consistent with its use.
  2. Test Recap Page
    • The “Back to Previous” button now correctly returns the user to the correct student report being viewed.
  3. Student Usage Per Date Range Report
    • Updated filters for time in class to be based off “minutes” instead of “seconds.” 
  4. Assign Students to Program Review
    • Modified for Group Admins to only see students assigned to the groups they have access to and not students assigned to the program review.


  • Student Center
  1. Program Reviews
    • Modified how questions are delivered to prevent page refreshes. Fast clickers could accidentally insert empty/duplicate entries into the question list causing a (rare) error in Program Reviews.