• Log into your Tooling U-SME Administrator Account.
  • Select the Administrator tab, enter the Username and Password and click the Login button.
  • Scroll down below your Student List to the Tools & Options menu. In the middle column, click on Program Reviews.

    Click on the Program Review link.

  • Find the Program Review you’d like to assign under Manage Program Reviews and click the Students link on the right. 
  • Under Delivery Settings, choose your delivery method, minimum passing score and the number of attempts. 
  • Under Select Students, choose the option that best fits who you are assigning the Program Review to. If you choose Select of Group or students, you will get a dropdown to select the specific individuals or groups. 
  • Click the Add Students button 
  • Once assigned, a box on the right will appear showing who the Program Review is assigned to. 
  • Once assigned, students can access this via the My Program Reviews link at the top of their schedule.