1. Log into toolingu.com   https://www.toolingu.com/login
  2. Scroll down below the “Student List” to the “Tools & Options” box
  3. In the middle column, under “Classes”, click on “Add Classes To Students’ Schedules”
  4. Under Step 1, select All Student, Group of Students, or Select Students
    1. If you choose Group or Select, you will need to select the group or students below
  5. Under Step 2, select “Add Individual Classes”
  6. Use the dropdown menu to select the Department that your class is located in
  7. Select the classes you wish to add by placing a check mark to the left of the class name
  8. Step 3 is optional – you can use this to add a due date and/or change the cut score
  9. Click the “Add Classes” button – a green confirmation bar will appear at the top of the screen